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What Is
An Investible Business?

A business that can easily scale its operations and generate returns for investors, regardless of the economic environment.

As a business owner and founder, you are your company’s first investorOur goal is to help you build a business that you and others believe in and want to invest in.  

We started Become Investible to help businesses build and grow smarter; drawing from our experience in the financial sector to develop strategic tools that bring an insider’s eye to assessing your business.  

Our Become Investible methodology assesses business models across six key metrics, identifying and addressing weaknesses, highlighting strengths and supporting better, smarter, scalable, and more Investible businesses.  

Work With Us

We focus on identifying, assessing, and addressing key obstacles to business growth. If you are struggling to get funding or preparing to access funding for your business in the future, these tools will focus your resources to get you ready to face investors.  

The Become Investible Scorecard assesses your company’s investibility using six key metrics. We ask the questions that matter to investors about your company’s systems and processes.
Our comprehensive report analyses the outputs of your Become Investible Scorecard assessment, providing insights on the investor readiness of your company. We will then develop a Roadmap to Investibility for your business.
We will meet with you to evaluate the roots of the weaknesses in your business model and, leveraging our investor experience, will offer recommendations to increase your readiness for investment.

Methodology | Become Investible

Become Investible Methodology

Become Investible assesses your business’ investibility by examining the following:

Human Resources Strategy – Are You Building the Right Team?

Customer Intelligence – Why Do Your Customers Choose You?

Competitive Advantage – What makes your business a Fortress?

Corporate Governance – How strong is your company’s management?

Financial Controls – Do You Know Your Numbers?

Investor Package – Are You Ready to Face Investors?

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