The RoundTable Platform

The Become Investible RoundTable Platform provides a systematic assessment of your business model using six (6) key metrics that examine the following aspects of your business: 

Human Resources
Are You Building the Right Team?
Customer Intelligence
Why Do Your Customers Choose You?
Competitive Advantage
What makes your business a Fortress?
Financial Controls
Do You Know Your Numbers?
Financial Data
Are You Ready to Face Investors?
Corporate Governance
How Strong is Your Management?
Our Experience
We understand your needs

The Become Investible Team spent years interviewing business owners about their experiences and challenges, and as small business owners ourselves, we understand that lack of access to financing is an issue many business owners face.

We have sat where your potential investors sit, assessing potential investments and providing strategic advice in investment banking, private sector development, corporate strategy, and business valuation.

We understand the most common reasons why businesses are not getting funded and have developed a diagnostic tool to focus on how to address those issues.

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Designed around our 6 key metrics for investibility, our packages are created to cater to businesses at different points in their evolution.

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