Zahra Alleyne

Co-Founder, Head of Operations & Client Relations
Project Design and Coordination, Stakeholder and Relationship Management
10 Years

International Private Sector Development Professional……………..

Zahra works on bringing diverse groups of people together to solve big problems. Over the last 10 years, she has worked as a consultant with the World Bank and IFC, focused on large projects to stimulate economic growth and development in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Her work has included areas ranging from legislative and policy reform to building the environment for critical sectors and industries to thrive.

 Zahra has worked closely with government and private sector and civil society stakeholders to understand these challenges from all perspectives, which informs the solutions which she works with her teams to devise and informs. 

Expertise & Skills

business SERVICES
digital strategy


Zahra earned her BA in Psychology from Yale University, and her Masters in Science in International Relations and Global Studies from the University of the West Indies.

Personal Interests

In addition to helping people and businesses identify and achieve their goals, Zahra has a deep interest in health and fitness, which she pursues personally through hiking, long-distance running, and any other outdoor pursuits she can share with friends and family.

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