Is your company ready to attract investment?

Take the Become Investible RoundTable Assessment to find out.

We developed the RoundTable Platform to systematically assess your business model using six (6) key metrics that examine the following aspects of your business that investors care about.

The Platform assesses the company’s systems and processes related to:

  1. People – Are you building the right team?
  2. Customers – How do you keep your customers coming back?
  3. Moat – What makes your business a Fortress?
  4. Governance – How strong is your company’s internal structure?
  5. Finances – Do you know your numbers? 
  6. Financials – Are you ready to face investors?

We understand that as a business owner you do not always have time to step back and assess how scalable your business is.

You are busy trying to make payroll, organize vendors and purchase orders, and keeping your customers happy.May