With over 16 years in the field of HR, Gillian is an accomplished and driven professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. She continues to prove her ability to contribute at both the strategic and operational levels while delivering people management strategies. Organization reviews, Assessment Centre development and execution, and strategic workforce planning. 

She has been commended for her people leadership capabilities and ability to build and develop teams. She considers herself solutions oriented and sees her purpose as sharing her knowledge and to positively impact others. Most recently she was appointed the Human Capital Institute’s (HCI) Caribbean Channel Partner which now gives her to certify professionals in various streams of knowledge. 

Gillian holds a BSc in Sociology and Human Resource Management; an MSc. Human Resource Management with a concentration in Strategy. She is a certified Workforce Planner (SWP) and is certified in Assessment Centre Design and Development. She is the Owner and Lead Consultant of InterFace HR an HR Solutions Company. She is married for eighteen years and is the mother of four (three boys and a girl). She is also a member of the Lydian Singers (her extended family).


Episode Flow:

  1. Rebounding from Job Loss – “Think About the Beauty in the Valley – the Only Way is UP” 
  2. Bouncing Back: How do you prepare to go up and bounce back? 
  3. Change the Narrative: What is Going to Replace the Negative? 
  4. Prepare for the Next Step: Build your network and PREPARE YOURSELF TO BE SEEN 
  5. Cutting Through the Fluff: What do you look for when hiring someone for a position? 
  6. Building the Right Team for Your Business
  7. Parting Ways: When things are not working out, how do you handle the discussion?
  8. Strategic Workforce Planning Process
  9. Advice for Entrepreneurs
  10. Finding Opportunities – What is Next?


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