Nigel Deosaran is a Certified Financial Planner and a Founding member of the Caribbean Financial Planning Association.

He has been involved in the local Banking, Insurance and Investment arena for the past 25 years. Nigel currently owns and operates GID Limited a local advisory business, and is a Partner at Aspire Fund Management Company Limited.

​He spent 14 years at RBTT where he held the position of Manager of the RBTT Insurance Services Limited and Assistant Manager Private Banking for the Group.

At AIC Financial Group he rose from head of sales to head of Asset Management and then Vice President of Wealth Management Services, for the Company. 

Episode Flow:

  1. What is the Difference between Investible and Investable? 
  2. How to Build Your Investable Assets
  3. How to Choose Different Investments? (Creating the Layers of your Financial Plan)
  4. How to Start Structuring Your Portfolio
  5. Risk Management for Individuals and Entrepreneurs 
  6. Questions from Social Media:
    • Student Debt
    • Retirement Planning
    • Income-Generating Investments 

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